WesHack was the brainchild of Julian Applebaum '13, Evan Carmi '13, and Anastasios Germanidis ’13. In May 2013, a few weeks before graduating from Wesleyan, they decided Senior Week would be even more fun if they stayed awake for 36-hours writing software to solve the pressing problems of Wesleyan students (like where to find the best party on a Saturday night). They recruited 3 other students to join them, split up into teams, and started hacking.

In fall 2013, students from IMS (Instructional Media Services) and PCSE (Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship) teamed up to organize WesHack 2.0, a second Wesleyan-themed hackathon and a day-long intro tech bootcamp for students and alumni. We repeated that dual-track conference in September 2014 and hope it will remain an annual event on Wesleyan's campus, offering continued practical and experiential learning for everyone from skilled coders to technophobes.

A basic understanding of technology and digital media are key for anyone entering the job market, and we are here to help Wesleyan students and alumni connect the dots between their interdisciplinary liberal arts education and the fast-paced technology-laced careers that lie ahead. For more information or to get involved, contact us.




Written by Anistasias Germandis, Tobias Butler, Max Dietz, Justin Raymond during the first Senior Week Hackathon in Spring 2013.  Won first place in the judge and community vote.


Screenshot from 2014-07-08 10:57:04.png


Written by Max Dietz, Samuel Giagtzoglou, and Jack Lashner during WesHack 2.0 in Fall 2013. Won first place in the judge vote and won the award for creative design.  Android App also available on the Google Play Store here.


Written by Brian Gapinski, Justin Raymond, and Aaron Plave during WesHack 2.0 in Fall 2013.


Written by Cumhur Korkut, Arthur Burkhart, Tyler Harden, and Wei Wang during WesHack 2.0 in Fall 2013. Winner of Best Design.


Written by Evan Carmi, Brian Gapinski, Lisa Sy, and Diego Calderon during the first Senior Week Hackathon in Spring 2013.